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We offer reliable and efficient human centered branding with more than 15 years of experience.

Humind Humind

World-class design

We provide creativity, innovation, and execution that establish your unique global presence. This involves crafting a customized aesthetic, functionality, and user experience for your brand.

Humind Humind

Affordable human thinking

We deliver affordable solutions that merge the power of human creativity and problem-solving. This creates value-driven outcomes for your brand.

Humind Humind

Agile processes

We offer dynamic project management and development, emphasizing adaptability, speed, and collaboration. This ensures prompt responses and maintains high-quality outcomes.

human thinking

We create highly effective brands based on our own methodology.

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Brand Story + Brand Identity

7 weeks

Starting at $10,000 USD

  • Kick off workshop.

  • Brand why, how, what.

  • Brand voice.

  • Brand concept.

  • Brand touch-points.

  • Logo.

  • Color palette.

  • Typography.

  • Imagery style.

  • Iconography style.

  • Illustrations style.

  • Key applications design.

  • Elevator Pitch Video.

  • Brand guidelines.

Our Work

We have built these brands from a purpose that is reflected in its brand story and brand identity.

What our clients
say about us.

Thanks Humind for their pivotal role in transforming our company's marketing strategy. Humind's integration, efficiency, and creativity in rebranding efforts exceeded expectations. Their human-centric approach bridged gaps in internal communication, resulting in heightened workforce engagement.


Yann Hedoux


I'm thrilled to share our fantastic experience with Humind and how it played a pivotal role in shaping our brand. Our objective was to create a democratic brand and the journey with Humind was not only straightforward, but also incredibly efficient, ultimately delivering outstanding results.


Mario Gaitan

CEO and Co-Founder of SEO Is

They are a true partner. They respond to our needs. They have worked with us through all types of challenge, and you can really feel the desire to make the relationship work for the partner. For those reasons, I would and already have recommended them multiple times to other organizations.


Frederik Mueller

CEO and Co-Founder of Third Way Health

I was really impressed by the responsiveness, friendliness, and enthusiasm of the team. In particular, my favorite part was the creative workshop to inform our visual identity. I was really blown away by how thoughtful the exercises were that the Humind team did to help us truly distinguish the tone.


Casey Langwith

CEO and Co-Founder of Multitude Health


  • How long does it take to finalize a project?

    The timeline for every project is 7 weeks.

  • What if I don’t like the final result?

    Client satisfaction is our utmost priority. We maintain close collaboration with you throughout the process to ensure the end result resonates with your vision. Inclusive revisions are part of our process to guarantee your contentment.

  • What does the branding process look like?

    Our branding process transcends the creation of a logo. It initiates with a deep comprehension of your values and objectives. This forms the foundation for crafting a comprehensive strategy that resonates with your intended audience. This strategy serves as the backbone for designing visual elements that reflect your identity. We meticulously refine these elements until they harmonize seamlessly with your brand's essence, culminating in a robust and unified brand presence that forms a meaningful connection with your audience.

  • Do you provide marketing services?

    While our core expertise lies in branding we also have the ability to collaborate with esteemed marketing partners. This collaboration allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond our primary focus. This includes services such as website design and development, video production, crafting compelling pitch decks, formulating effective social media strategies, and devising impactful ad campaigns. These additional avenues empower us to help you maximize your brand's visibility and impact in the market.

  • How is the payment method?

    Our payment process is designed to be transparent and straightforward. To initiate a project, a 50% deposit is required. The remaining payment is due upon project completion. This structure ensures that your project remains on track and attuned to your expectations.

  • Is ongoing support available after the project is completed?

    Certainly, we provide post-project support to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Our dedication lies in upholding your satisfaction with the final product and our services. Moreover, we're here to extend our collaboration beyond the initial project. Should you desire further development for your brands based on the results achieved, we offer additional services such as website design and development, video production, crafting compelling pitch decks, formulating effective social media strategies, and devising impactful ad campaigns at a separate rate. This ensures a seamless continuation of your growth journey.

  • What sets your agency apart from others offering similar services?

    Our agency distinguishes itself through an unwavering commitment to delivering design excellence at affordable rates. Our driving forces encompass creativity, innovation, and client contentment, which we infuse into every project we undertake.

  • Can I see examples of your past work?

    Certainly! Our portfolio showcases a variety of successful projects of branding. You can explore our website to gain insights into the caliber of work we consistently deliver.

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